Dachshund Portraits

Through popular demand and following the success of ‘The Dachshund Project,’
Jean is currently taking commissions for Dachshund portraits.

Should you be interested in having your dachshund(s) immortalised in paint, please read the fine print below and complete the contact form.

The fine print

  1. One professionally painted portrait of your dog costs $160 plus $20 postage and packing, shipped anywhere in Australia. For international shipping, contact Jean at [email protected] and you will be sent an additional invoice for shipping to your corner of the world.
  2. Paintings are acrylic on stretched canvas (20 x 20 inches or 50.8 x 50.8 cm) preserved with a clear matt varnish. The option of painting on primed paper and sent to customer for professional framing is also available.
  3. Payment is accepted via Paypal or direct transfer. There are no refunds after payment.
  4. Only Dachshunds are eligible.
  5. Each portrait is of one dog only. If you would like all your Dachies painted you will need to discuss a size with the artist if you would like them all on one magnificent canvas.
  6. Once you book and pay for your portrait and email your photo to the artist, you will have your position in the queue confirmed and the date for your painting scheduled.
  7. Please read this brief guide on  How to photograph your dachshund..
  8. Photos must be high resolution and a clear image of your Dachshund’s face.
  9. Note that Jean Ballands owns the rights to reproductions of your original painting for prints only.

The Dachshund Project

Dachshund fundraiser for DRA
Dachshund Rescue Australia
Dachshund Rescue Australia
Sausage dog painting Jean ballands
Sausage dog portrait

In 2018, Port Macquarie artist and Dachshund lover, Jean Ballands, used her talents as a professional painter to raise much-needed funds for Dachshund Rescue Australia. Jean painted a Dachshund marathon of sorts: one portrait per week for a year, with all proceeds going to fund the rehoming of abandoned sausage dogs.

2018 was the Year of the Dog and the Dachshund Project was officially launched on Wednesday 5 September 2018 – International Day of Charity.

Dachshund Rescue Australia is a registered charity which helps Dachshunds needing rescue and rehoming all over Australia. These beautiful dogs are given up by their owners for various reasons. Sometimes the owner has died, families move overseas or children come along and a new mum can’t cope with it all. Pounds are extremely stressful places for a Dachshund so volunteers pick them up, place them into foster care then look for the right new home. Before rehoming, the dogs are desexed, with a full health and dental check with the vet. Rehoming is a costly process but better than letting these beautiful creatures be euthanised.

Lily’s story

Lily was abandoned and left locked in a house for four months. Her owner had a long stay in hospital and arranged for a carer to look after the pets. But the carer didn’t come to the house and the owner died in hospital. Lily survived the ordeal but went wild. When she was found, she was sitting on a dining chair under a tablecloth, the house was filthy and she was very anxious and not toilet trained. Lily received rehabilitation from a well-known trainer who fostered her and when she was well enough, she was rehomed to artist Jean Ballands. Dogs like Lily would die without the love and care they receive from Dachshund Rescue Australia.


Original paintings from the dachshund charity project 2019

5 different portraits of dachshunds (if you would like more of any particular design, please email)

105 x 148mm with matching envelopes

340 gsm paperweight

blank message

Percentage of proceeds donated to Dachshund Rescue Australia Inc

$30 per pack of 5

*Please remember to include a note with your delivery address when checking out